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Portable Indoor Warm White LED String Lights – 15 Metallic Cups, 9ft



These metallic cup decorations are elegant and produce beautiful light patterns on the wall. At 9-ft long and USB-powered, these lights are portable and easy to install on the wall, the chimney, etc. They will illuminate your home with stylish decor.

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Features :

The indoor LED lights metallic cup, is a USB portable string lights with a length of 9ft. It has 15 nonreplaceable warm white LEDs. The warm white LED is a color that goes perfectly with the elegance of these new metal decorations. It is equipped with a USB power supply (*5V USB power supply not included). However, you can connect your string lights for a few hours to a USB charger dedicated to telephony or get an external rechargeable battery of at least 1600 mAh. The string lights will light up between 4 and 6 hours with such a system.

Uses :

The metallic cup is the string lights that you need to decorate a Christmas table. Put it wherever you want, it will always embellish the place where it lights up! Moreover, this string lights has the advantage of being portable, which means that you can move it as you wish. This string lights will find its place everywhere in your home! It will also be perfect for an aperitif or an evening with friends. You can use it during a meal outside, but please bring it back after use because this string lights is not waterproof. Thanks to its beautiful packaging this garland can be offered as a gift, so don't hesitate!

Use indoor
Power source USB 5V
Supply voltage 5V
Consumption power 1W
LED number 15
LED color white
Decoration patterned cup
Material metal
Cord white
String length 9 ft
Supply cord length 10 ft
LED spacing 8 inches

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