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Outdoor String Light 114 ft, 432 Warm White LED & 48 White Flash LED



The outdoor string lights with warm white and white LEDs will delight your winter evenings. This string lights is perfect for Christmas and to dress your tree in the most beautiful way.
It is intended for outdoor use but you can place it indoors!

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This string lights is equipped with 480 white and warm white LEDs. It measures 114ft long to allow you to have enough length to decorate your interior or exterior as you wish.

This string lights will perfectly fit in your Christmas tree! Its two colours blend perfectly, respect the tree, the decorations and illuminate them in the best way.

It is a string lights with an IP44 rating, so it is waterproof. It can therefore be placed outside around your railings, arbours and trees. The combination of white and warm white colors makes your string lights an object of any season and any location! 

We advise you to equip your trees with two string lights in order to multiply the number of light points. Wrap the string lights around the tree before you put your decorations: the string lights is very easy to put on! Wrap it around your hand, all you have to do is turn around the tree and put it down!

Use Outdoor
Power source Waterproof transformer
Supply voltage 24V
LED number 480 LED
LED color Warm white and white
Animation flash
Cord black
String length 34m
LED spacing 7cm

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