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Multicolor LED String Lights – 15 Metallic Mushrooms, 9ft



Metallic mushroom indoor LED string lights bring joy and a cheerful vibe to your bedroom and living room. Multicolored decorations produce a beautiful light pattern in green, pink, white, and blue wherever installed. These are perfect for children and teenagers and great for the holidays as well.

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Features :

The pastel metalic mushroom indoor LED light, is a USB portable light. It is 9ft long and has 15 non-replaceable multicolored LEDs. Its power supply is a USB power supply (*USB 5V power supply not included). However, you can connect your string lights to a USB charger dedicated to telephony for a few hours or you can get an external rechargeable battery of at least 1600 mAh. The light will light up between 4h and 6h with such a system. The LEDs and decorations of this string lights are in new colors: pink, green, white and blue! Bring color into your home with this indoor string lights!

Uses :

The Christmas metallic mush string lights can be used in many ways to decorate your home. It can be placed on a birthday table, on a shelf in a child's room or on a white wall: its multicoloured reflections draw incredible geometrical shapes! This decorative string lights is perfect for an aperitif or an evening with friends in your teenager's bedroom or playroom. Remember to offer it, this string lights will always be a pleasure! This LED light is nomadic, it can be placed and moved as you wish.

Use indoor
Power source USB 5V
Supply voltage 5V
Consumption power 1W
LED number 15
LED color white
Decoration mushroom cups
Material metal
Cord white
String length 9ft
Supply cord length 10ft
LED spacing 8 inches

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