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Portable Indoor Multicolored LED String Lights – Pingpop Pink, 11ft



The Pingpop Pink indoor LED string lights bring a hint of magic to your home. Small decorations and a medium length allow you to install them on any piece of furniture, and USB power allows you to move them very easily. White, pink, fuchsia and violet balls create a magical and captivating glow, ideal for a child or teenager's room.

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Portable indoor Pingpop pink LED string lights.

11ft white cord.

Includes 30 decorative multicolored balls of 1.57” in diameter.

30 bright white LED bulbs.

USB plug not included.

Charge your lights with a USB plug or charger and enjoy 4 to 6 hours of pretty lights.

Being portable, you can easily use your lights around the house – in kids’ bedrooms, adult bedrooms, on shelves, or on a table.

Check out our videos for new ideas.

Power source USB 5V
Supply voltage 5V
Consumption power 1.5W
LED number 30
LED color white
Decoration 1.57" white, pink, fushia ans violet balls
Material Plastic
Cord white
String length 11.5ft
Supply cord length 10ft
LED spacing 4.8 inches

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