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Waterproof Cafe Lights 20 Transparent Bulbs 20 ft Connectable



These outdoor string lights illuminate your evenings and summer parties with its 20 white lamps. It is 20ft long so you can easily install it in your garden between trees, backyard, patio, and terrace. In addition, if you ever need more length, we offer you its extension!

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The LED café-light is 20ft long and has large transparent lamps containing 20 LED bulbs.
This string lights is mainly installed outdoors, fixed under the horizontal post of an arbour, but you can also hang it in clusters on a tree.
The transformer sold in this box is as waterproof as the string light thanks to their IP44 rating. To increase the life of your garland, we recommend that you store it in a dry place after the season of use!
Use Outdoor
Power source Waterproof transformer
Supply voltage 5V
LED number 20 LED
LED color White
Animation Fix
Decoration 20 Transparent Bulbs
Cord White
String length 7m
LED spacing 30cm

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