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Outdoor White LED Party Lights - 20 Balls, Waterproof, 25ft



It’s an outdoor string light party! Light up your summer evenings with 20 white balls!  A length of nearly 22ft makes them easy to install in your garden, in a tree, or around your backyard, patio or terrace. Very bright, warm white LEDs highlight the brightness of the bulb, creating a soft ambience for your exterior.

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Features :

The party! white LED lights is 27ft long. This great length allows you to hang it wherever you want. It has large "white ball" decorations with a diameter of 2,95” and 20 super bright warm white LED bulbs that are not replaceable. This decorative cafe lights is a new concept of string light: the diffusion of the light by this type of plastic is perfect. The transformer sold in this box is just as waterproof as the string lights. So you can leave your cafe lights in your garden without fear!

Uses :

This product is mainly installed outdoors. The cafe lights can be fixed under the horizontal upright of an arbour but it can also be hung in clusters on a tree. For your family meals or aperitifs with friends, you can place it above or on your table to create a warm atmosphere. To increase the life of your string lights and especially its plastic decorations from the sun's UV rays , we recommend storing it in a dry place after the season of use (winter or spring). You can use this string lights indoors even though its little sister Inparty! is very similar, nomadic and shorter, and is designed for this purpose.

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Use Outdoor
Power source Waterproof transformer
Supply voltage 29V
Consumption power 1.3W
LED number 20
LED color super bright warm white
Animation None
Decoration white 2,75" balls
Material Plastic
Cord black
String length 25ft
Supply cord length 16.5ft
LED spacing 15 inches

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