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Portable Indoor Warm White LED String Lights,10 Fantasy Cubes, 9ft



These fantasy paper cube string lights, USB powered and 9ft long, bring a cheerful vibe to your home. Felt paper cube decorations add a warm atmosphere that bring joy to your night.

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Features :

This beautiful indoor string lights is a LED light. It is portable and has a USB port. So you can place and move it wherever you want. It's 9ft long and comes with a white cable. It has 10 warm white LEDs decorated with multicolored paper cubes.

Uses :

These multicolored paper cubes string lights are ideal to decorate a child's room. These string lights will bring peaceful nights as a night light in kid's bedroom. The USB plug allows for easy use anywhere. Use as a party décor for a sweet touch and warm ambiance. This string lights can be use to be place on a birthday table for a colourful decoration!

Use Indoor
Power source USB 5V
Supply voltage 5V
Consumption power 1 W
LED number 15
LED color Warm white
Decoration Felt pasted on paper cube
Material felt and paper
Cord White
String length 9 ft
Supply cord length 10 ft
LED spacing 12 inches

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