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Indoor LED String Lights 10 Origami paper decorations 7 ft



This indoor string light is a nomadic product powered by a USB plug. These large origami paper decorations are perfect for a bedspread or wall. On your holiday table, it will also be very beautiful. Product length 7ft

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The string light is made of 10 origami decorations!

Always mobile and equipped with a USB plug to be powered by any 5V USB source (external battery, USB plug, phone charger...) it offers original decorations, you and your children will love it! The paper used is non-flammable.

The decorations are white and can be fixed anywhere. This slightly natural and matt white goes well with any background and atmosphere. The decorations are quite impressive, they decorate a festive table or hang from the ceiling! Warm white LEDs provide warmth and well-being.

She is nomadic, her length of 7 ft makes her settle down very quickly: take her with you to decorate the place of your holidays!

Perfect for indoor decorations, especially in children's bedrooms or tents. Great for any occasion, parties, holidays, etc.
The USB plug allows you to light your String Lights with your power bank, wall charger, outlet very convenient. Powered by any USB ports such as power bank, computer and etc.
Use Indoor
Supply voltage 5V
Consumption power 1W
LED number 10 LED
LED color Warm White
Animation Fix
Decoration 10 Origami
Cord transparent
String length 2m50

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