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Indoor LED String Lights 15 Birds Decorations 15 Warm White LED bulbs 7 ft



The 15 warm white LED electric string light of 7 ft length with 15 bright acrylic birds is a warm garland. It goes well with any type of objects to decorate. Wrap it up or put it down as you wish: when deployed, it decorates a library and wraps around your books without hiding them. You can also put it in a bouquet in a glass or a vase!

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This string light decorated with small acrylic birds is a nomadic USB string light that can be placed anywhere in your home. It decorates the desk or shelf of your room or your child's room, but it can also be placed very well in your kitchen or on a table.

The LEDs used are warm white, for a soft and warm atmosphere.

This electric string light intended for ambient lighting measures 7 ft and is very light, it can be placed anywhere: move it where you want! This product highlights your products to decorate or brings a touch of light to your dark corners.

Let your children put it in the Christmas tree with the warm white light and the decorations are perfect for it!

USB 5V power supply is not provided. However, you can connect your light string to a USB charger, power bank for a few hours or buy an external rechargeable battery of at least 1600 mAh. The String light will work from 4 h to 6h with such a system, it is perfect for a dinner or party

Product for indoor use only.

Use Indoor
Supply voltage 5V
Consumption power 1,2W
LED number 15 LED
LED color Warm White
Animation Fix
Decoration Bird
Material Plastic
Cord Transparent
String length 2m

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