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Outdoor Use String Light 56 ft, 216 Red LED & 24 White Flash



The outdoor string lights with red and white LED is inspired by the spirit of Christmas to light up your home and your tree. It is intended for outdoor use but it can also be used to decorate your interior. Its long length allows you to install it as you wish on your Christmas tree, on your house or on your balcony!

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Features :

The indoor and outdoor LED string lights is 56ft long. It is equipped with 240 red and white mini LEDs with flash effect, which are non-replaceable. Its main use is outdoor use, so it has an IP44 rating. It is therefore waterproof as well as its transformer and weatherproof. Its length of 56ft allows you to place it wherever you want!


Uses :

This string lights will illuminate your trees and your terraces in order to illuminate your outside. It is a string lights intended for outdoor use, but you can also place it very well indoors. Indeed, the red and white string lights will be perfect to decorate your Christmas tree. Its flash effects will make your tree come alive! Outdoors, you can use this string lights to decorate the facade of your house. Thanks to its great length of 56ft you will be able to decorate your house without any problem! Wrap your string lights around the tree before placing your decorations: the duocolor string lights is very easy to place, wrap it around your hand, just turn around the tree and put it down!

Use Outdoor and Indoor
Power source Waterproof transformer
Supply voltage 24V
LED number 240 LED
LED color Red and white
Animation Flash
Material 240 LED red and white
Cord black
String length 16m
LED spacing 7cm

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