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1. 1. Light string for indoor use only and light string for outdoor use

String lights whose transformer is waterproof can be installed outside. They must not touch the earth or soil (neither do their transformers nor controllers) in anticipation of heavy rains. They should be  stored inside in the case of severe weathers.

Light string user’s manual that contains "for indoor use only" Should not be used in any way outside. The Nomad string lights powered by a USB source can be used on your table outside during a meal but will be absolutely stowed in their packaging after use.

2. How to use the products powered with a "USB" source

These string lights are intended to be indoor use only :

The ELUMINING indoor use only string lights (brands ëlopop or noëlume) are sold with a plug USB standard (5v 1 to 2 a). We offer this product without a power source in order to avoid the production of battery or transformer. To make it work, plug your ELUMINING string light for a few hours on any outlet using an USB charger. The string light does not charge, it uses directly the power from the external source. We also recommend that you use your external USB plug-in battery. It will operate according to its load and capacity from 3h to 6h. Recommended Product: LI-ion booster battery for telephony, capacity 1800 mAh to 2600 mAh, 5V, 1A to 2A. These are temporary operating solutions.

3. My light string does not work or has a defect on one or more LED Bulbs

Outdoor item: Check that the male waterproof plug is properly inserted in the female outlet from the transformer. Then tighten the plastic nut and plug again the transformer.
If the problem persists switch to another socket or plug a lamp into the socket to check that it is working.

Product for indoor : Check that your external battery is sufficiently charged,do not hesitate to connect your light string to a computer (USB jack) or on a phone charger to check its operation.

If the product does not work we will exchange within the limit of available stock and within the warranty period. In all cases please let us know by Email beforehand so we can help you and find a solution. customerservice@elumining.com

4. My transformer is hot to the touch

Electronic components may heat abnormally, when the ambient temperature is too high, or when the transformer is plugged into a space that is too confined. If the electrical transformer surface is warm to the touch (> 45 °c), try to unplug the product and plug it into a more airy space.  
If such a temperature is reached in the framework normal operation indoor or outdoor, send us back the product : we will exchange it within the limit of available stock and within the warranty period. Do not plug your product under heavy bright sun !

5. The light string is delivered damaged

If your order was received damaged or happen to be defective or if you have any doubts: you can at first send us digital photos on our E-mail : customerservice@elumining.com
According to these photos, you may not need to return the product, we send a new one. If you prefer to return the product within the time limit, you can.

6. I'm looking for ideas to fix my garland

Here are some tips below, and at any time you may contact us by E-mail: customerservice@elumining.com
We will be happy to give you solutions.

  • Place your string light on the ground at the level of the area where you want to hang it.
  • Turn on the light string in the dark room to check if the effect is consistent with the one desired.
  • The string light should never be too tense. Pulling on a electrical cable is dangerous.
  • Never fix the light string by its electric cable but choose a suitable element: insulated nylon collar, hook, steel cable...
  • Check the wall or part that will support the product to be installed, and fix the appropriate dowels.
  • Think of easy dismantling during mechanical and electrical assembly
  • Get a stepladder and make sure you install your string lights safely
  • When the product is installed outdoors, be vigilant that no branches will damage the electrical components including the electrical cable.

7. I received a string light that is not the one ordered

In this case please write us, we will re-send the parcel if the procedure was on your side respected. Otherwise you can return the product to us by following the protocol. customerservice@elumining.com

8. Shipper returned my package because I was not at home

You will need to proceed with a new order we are sorry! Contact us however by email, We'll see if we can help you ! customerservice@elumining.com

9. How do I get an invoice ?

For each purchase an invoice is automatically produced in your name and address. Please go to the "My Orders" tab.

10. Contact Us

To contact us: use our email address : customerservice@elumining.com

11. How do I change my order? Is it too late?

Contact us by Email as soon as possible with the attached copy of the order with the Reference, and by clearly writing the Reference of your choice. We will try to do the change. If it is too late, we are sorry you have to re order

12. I can't connect

Our site may be in maintenance, please wait a day. However, check to see if your wired or WI FI network is working (run your email box or an independent search on the web.)

13. I wish to be helped in order to decorate my house my garden my terrace, specific quotation

You wish to have an advice before a purchase, you want to buy a complete kit of decoration for an event, a season: for this please contact us by Email with the desired colours, the season during which the event will take place, the dimensions of your room/terrace/garden/tree to decorate. Be sure to list the existing decorating elements on the place to be decorated. customerservice@elumining.com

14. The delivery times of my package

Time to receive a package: If you have opted for economy ground shipping with reception at home: Count 3 to 5 days after you have placed your order before receiving your confirmation SMS. Sometimes, and especially during the holidays, this SMS can run a little late. If however the problem persists, please write to us.

15. My means of payment

The means of payment are those defined in the payment section of the sales site. We accept Visa,mastercard,american Express and Discovery. you can also pay through PayPal

16. How do I create a customer account?

To create an account, let yourself be guided by the Site:
On the home page, click on "My Account" and then "login" and enter your email address.  Create your account: First name, last name, email, password, date of birth. Then you will be able to change these informations in "My Information" and complete your address and tel number in the "My Address" tab.

17. How do I exchange an item?

To exchange a products: if you respect the deadlines, contact us by Email then send us back at your expense the products concerned. customerservice@elumining.com

18. My product suddenly stops working

Outdoor Product : Check  that the male waterproof plug is properly seated in the female coming out of the transformer. Then tighten the plastic nut and plug the transformer.
If the problem persists change socket or plug a lamp into the relevant outlet to ensure that the power is on.

Indoor Product : Check whether your external battery is sufficiently charged, do not hesitate to connect your string light to a computer (USB socket) or to a phone charger to check its operation.

If the product does not work, if it’s not damaged and in the warranty time limit, We will exchange the product within the limits of available stocks. In any case please contact us by Email in advance to find a solution or to help you with your problems.

19. Can I order from abroad ?

No we are sorry, we do not deliver abroad for the moment. This possibility will come soon !

20. I am wondering about the safety of the product and its installation

Always enquire before connecting and installing an electrical product:
Products for Indoor use

If the supplied products are equipped with a transformer, it will be enough to connect them to an electrical outlet. Make sure that no wire stays on the floor, it is better to fold and tie them.

If the supplied products connect to a USB socket, make sure that they are connected properly and for a specified period of time. These connections are temporary, a few hours at most whether it's on a phone charger , an external battery or a USB socket on a fixed or portable computer.

Products for outdoor

Your 120V outdoor outlet installation will comply with the standards in force and mounted by an electrician.

21. Are the components of my lights UL or ETL approved ?

Transformers and cord are UL or ETL Listed. Decorations are flamme retardant tested. All products are UL or ETL tested and certified.

22. What is the lenght of my light string ?

The lenght in Ft. and other characteristics of your string light are written in the technical characteristics link under the product’s description and repeated on the packaging itself.

23. Are the LED replaceable ?

LED are not replacable

24. Are all my lamps fitted with LED technology ? How bright are they ?

All bulbs are LED, with normal input current (8mA, 2 lm) or “super bright” (15 mA, 4 lm)

25. Which items is the best for decorating a Christmas tree ?

In order to decorate your christmas tree: use all the “duocolor” strings, all the “metalic” strings in the “noëlume” range.

26. What is the expected life for these lights ?

The life expectancy of our string lights is about 6000 hours. We advice you to use the product 4 to 6 hours a day, 3 to 4 months during spring or 2 to 3 months during winter.

27. Do you accept checks ?

We do not accept checks