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About Elumining

Elumining designs & sells LED string lights for all occasions and daily life! Behind this new brand, we have more than 20 years of expertise and passion at your service. In Provençal, the language of the French region of Provence, "lume" means "light". Our vocation is to bring this warm light into your home, through original and unique products, made for people of all ages.


We want to reinvent string lights, to go beyond the Christmas tree and use them around the house and outside, in summer and in winter! And yes, our string lights are waterproof, but they are also mobile, so they can be used on a table or shelf, in a vase, on the beach...


With our partner factory, we design products for all those who want to decorate and illuminate their daily lives in vivid or soft colors. For the bedroom, the living room, the garden, the terrace... For beautiful days, winter evenings, the joy of spring... Our string lights are going on a journey with you, easy to plug in and unplug. Just charge them and take them with you everywhere.


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The Elumining Team