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Decorate your garden with original cafe lights !

The sunny days allow us to enjoy our outdoors and it is important to feel good ... What better way to do this than to decorate your garden, terrace or balcony? Create a small cozy space thanks to cafe lights that will light up your space in a soft and festive atmosphere! ELUMINING is there to inspire you ...


Party! Cafe lights

It's time to introduce you to our flagship cafe lights: the Party! cafe lights available in white and multicoloured balls.  These luminous 25ft cafe lights can be hung anywhere and effectively decorate your outdoor space. Create a superb atmosphere with these superb cafe lights!

The classic guinguette

Decorate your garden the way you want with this cafe lights! With a length of 20ft, this string lights can be extended and therefore decorate your whole space. Light up your terrace perfectly with this cafe lights, there is no need to use any other lighting. Moreover, it is a waterproof string lights. You can perfectly leave it outside!

 If you prefer white, this same lighting-room exists in this colour. Create a different atmosphere with the same cafe lights!