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Cafe Lights For Home !

The fine weather and the cafe lights are here! The decorative cafe lights are ideal to decorate and light your outside ... and your inside! In this article, we give you some decorative inspirations and try to convince you of the usefulness of indoors cafe lights.

Modern cafe lights

Our cafe lights can be combined with any type of decoration. That's why you can hang it in your home!  Hang it along the wall or on beams for the most modern decoration!

Available in white and black, choose the one that will best match your decoration!

If you don't want to hang it on the ceiling or wall, you can also put it on your furniture or on your desk. It will light up your work space perfectly while bringing a touch of originality to your decoration.

Party! String Lights with big multicoloured or white balls

Below is a photo sent by a loyal customer. The multicoloured cafe lights decorate a wall, colour a room and create a luminous presence indispensable in the living room when you are watching a TV screen. It is just as indispensable indoors as it is outdoors.

Although our string lights are intended for outdoor use, you can also place them in your house! Our party! range has been created to meet this need. It also includes multicoloured cafe lights and white string lights. Just like the outdoor lights, they are as easy to place as they are to move around, allowing you to decorate your home as you wish.