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Decorative Inspiration With Our Stunning Cotton String Lights

Elumining presents its superb range of cotton string lights. Decorate your home and create a cozy atmosphere with these pretty string lights in natural material. Find in this article all our decoration inspirations !


Hang it everywhere !

This string light has the advantage that it can be string and hung anywhere in your home! It offers you many possibilities of decoration. For example, you can roll it up along the railing of your stairs like our multicoloured cotton string light on the picture below. This will dress up your room while remaining discreet.

These cotton string lights have a USB port. So you can place and move them anywhere in your house.

Move them as your mood changes…

Just like the pink-toned cotton string light in this photo, hang your string lights wherever you like.

Put it on your furniture!

A string light doesn't have to be hung up to be effective! You can also place it along your furniture. It will highlight the decorative objects placed on it while covering your surface. Place the beige cotton to create a soft and warm atmosphere.

Do you have a vase? Fill it with our string lights. Guaranteed effect!